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BulletProof is a most fundamental and therefore simple and easily understood random number generation software package.  With this software you can generate as many random numbers as you could ever imagine and they cannot be practicably reproduced without the key.  This is because the key length with BulletProof is unlimited.  The only way to reproduce the random numbers without the key is by brute-force trial and error. BulletProof is stand-alone software.

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Newest UpDate - BulletProof_Win64_070717 - What's new?

Download - BulletProof_Win64_070717.exe

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Advanced BulletProof RNG Techniques  

Response to Criticism of BulletProof Random Number Generator Software  

Sample Key


XOR Utility Program performs the universally available logical XOR process on any two files of any length. The source file is XORed with a data file up to the length of the shorter of the two files. The data file should be as long or longer than the source file making the output file the same length as the source file so there is no information loss.  XOR is stand-alone software.

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Download - XOR_Win64_072016.exe

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Bitmap Steganography Utility Program allows for the insertion of binary data into a standard 24-bit uncompressed bitmap image on a bit level such that it is not apparent nor detectable that within the image is additional information.  Bitmap Steganography is stand-alone software.

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