What's New in BulletProof - Win64  070717

A progress bar has been added to function 15. This function creates the original data MixFile.otp file consisting of the 3,628,800
unique permutations of the digits from 0 - 9 with no repeats in ascending order: 0123456789, 0123456798, 0123456879, 0123456897, 0123456978,... 9876543102, 9876543120, 9876543201, 9876543210. Before, only the message "Standby..." was shown while this file was generated.  

And lastly, on the main form there is an About button. When clicked a smaller form appears. The close button on this smaller form now works.

That's it.

          What's New in BulletProof - Win64  072016

- BulletProof Random Number Generator is now Win64 (64-bit) Windows compiled freeware.  (BulletProof_Win64_072016.exe)
- Files up to 2TB (2,199,023,255,552 bytes) can now be processed.
- Progress Bars with percent completion displayed have been added to several modules.
- Several modules display input and output file names with their lenghts.

In particular:
   - Random Binary Number Generator
        Maximum output file length is now 2TB
        Progress Bar

   - File Split
        Input file length is now from 10,000 - 2TB
        You can now enter either a file length in bytes or the number of files to output for any input file.
        Maximum output file length is now 200GB.
        Progress Bar

   -File Split Append
        Progress Bar

   - Read Binary File
        Maximum input file length is now 2TB
        MixFileXXX.otp files Offset must be evenly divisible by 5.
        Progress Bar

   - Binary Number String Statistics
        Maximum input file length is now 2TB
        Progress Bar

   - Random Binary Number Statistics
        Maximum input file length is now 2TB
        Progress Bar

BulletProof Random Number Generator is stand-alone software. That is, it makes no entries in your
Registry nor adds or changes any .sys, .inf, .cfg, etc. files. Simply copy it to your hard drive and run it.
To uninstall simply delete it. Save and back it up. Keep two external copies. You may well be glad
you did in the future.


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