Response to Criticism of BulletProof Software

The random binary numbers files generated and output using BulletProof Random Number Generator software have the extension ".otp."   I have been criticized for using this extension allegedly to imply that the random binary numbers files thus generated contain true random binary numbers.   What I am claiming here is that the user input true random number sequences, in otherwords, the key, used to generate these random binary numbers files is the basis of a one-time pad.

Essentially there are two processes that can be used to generate random binary numbers files with the .otp extension when using the BulletProof software:   the core Random Number Generator and the combination of Button Rows / Two-Array Scramble utilities.   Each requires the user to input a true random number key in one of two forms:   either two true random number sequences each containing all the numbers from 0 - 255 with no number repeated or true random number sequences of all the numbers from 1 - 14 with no number repeated.

In the first case, I suggest using 256 pennies each labeled with a unique number from 0 - 255.   Place them in a container and shake them up.   Without looking, reach into the container and randomly withdraw each penny one at a time. The number sequences thus drawn are true random number sequences.   The second case is carried out in the same manner except only 14 pennies are used.

As stated in the BulletProof tutorials included within the software and on this website, there are 14! = 87,178,291,200 possible unique sequences of the 14 numbers from 1 - 14.   And there are approximately 256! = 3.4E508 possible unique sequences of the 256 numbers from 0 - 255.   Each of these unique sequences can be considered analogous to the letters of the alphabet but with 87,178,291,200 different "letters" in the case of 14! and approximately 3.4E508 different "letters" in the case of 256!.

To manually generate each sequence all of the pennies must be placed into the container to begin with.   Therefore all possible sequences have an equal chance of being generated with each draw.   These are true random number sequences.   A string of true random letters or in the case of BulletProof, a string of true random number sequences, is the basis of a one-time pad.   Therefore the seed or key to each of these BulletProof Random Number Generator process techniques is fundamentally a one-time pad.


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