Las Vegas Craps:   17 Consecutive Passes

I was released from active duty in 1975. When I returned home I moved back into my parents house for a couple of months.

My father said he should put me on his auto insurance so I could use his car. The next day we went downtown to see Charlie Holiday, his State Farm Insurance agent.

Charlie was a crusty World War II veteran. My dad told me that Charlie had been a fighter pilot in the war.

After the insurance paper work was done Charlie recounted a trip he had taken to Las Vegas. He said he had been at a craps table when some guy threw 17 passes in a row. Charlie asked, "Do you know how much money that guy won?" My father and I just stood there dumbfounded. "He won 17 dollars," Charlie said with a smile. "Each time he won he would take back one dollar and leave one dollar on the line. He did this 17 times."

I gasped. I just couldn't imagine someone this hot with the dice and only winning 17 dollars.

Then Charlie says, "Do you know who was throwing the dice?" Again, my father and I just stood there dumbfounded. Of course not. How could we. We weren't there.

"It was..."

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Charlie says, "It was O.J. Simpson!" I just said, "Wow."

Think about it. It's O.J. Simpson: a big celebrity. There must have been a huge crowd around the craps table. The table action must have been completely full. And here is O.J. throwing 17 passes in a row! Can you believe that.

I've thought about writing to O.J. at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada to see if he would comment about this story. But with all this DHS crap nowadays, I figure if I did I'd probably get on someone's shit list. But if any of you care to, give me proof that what you tell me is the truth and I'll post your information to this article. Email me.

How about that!


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