U.F.O. Over L.A.

Even a high-resolution photograph still carries a heavy burden of doubt when it's a picture of the unknown because it cannot be neatly packaged or categorized with prior experience.   Although I am just now coming to grips with the fact that I saw a UFO, my experience remains unresolved.

It happened around January or February 2011.   It was about 3 in the afternoon.   Much of the sky was covered with mostly white clouds.   The ceiling was at around 5000 feet.   Rays of sharp sunlight pierced through the clear air.

I was driving northbound on Interstate 5 leaving the Disneyland Resort area.   I made the ramp onto the California 91 West going about 60 mph.   This ramp glides upwards rising to about 60 feet over a run of about a mile then gently curves left.   At the top looking west - northwest you can see the downtown Los Angeles skyline about 20 miles away.   That's when I saw it.

The UFO was about 10 miles away in the direction of Los Angeles and appeared to float motionless in the air below the base of the clouds but above the skyline that was visible in the distance behind it.   Each end of the craft extended well beyond the perimeter of the skyline.   It was huge.   I'd say it was at least a half-mile long.

I only watched it for about 30 seconds as I sped along the freeway ramp.   I was mystified.   Yet I knew immediately it was some sort of camouflaged craft.   It looked like its surface was entirely covered with large flattened somewhat translucent cotton balls very much like clouds.   A primitive concept to be sure but it appeared generally to be effective.

I could see something solid beneath this whitish covering hugging its surface.   The bottom was pretty much flat, perhaps slightly concave.   The top curved upwards from the pointed end on the right to a height of about 100 feet.   There appeared to be a narrow bubble on top facing forward near the front end.   At the rear on the left it tapered down to about 40 feet high where I'd guess were the exhaust nozzles.

About 100 feet from the tail end of the craft were the rear edges of two parallel vertical stabilizers, offset from my point of view and perhaps 200 feet apart.   They rose about 100 feet above the fuselage.   Their leading edges angled back about 30 degrees at the 11 o'clock position.   The tops were level and about 50 feet across.   The trailing edges were less angled rising from the fuselage at about 10 degrees near the 11:40 position.   Their bases were about 70 feet across.

Now here is the one specific observation that even convinces me that my observations were not imagined.   The afternoon sun was visible in the distance behind, to the left, and slightly above this UFO, shining through a large opening in the clouds.   I could see, looking through the flattened translucent cloudlike camouflage covering over the vertical stabilizers, that they were quite dark gray in appearance.

At first I thought these vertical stabilizers must have been painted black and this is what accounted for their dark gray appearance through the camouflage.   But then I thought that it wouldn't make sense to have gone through all of the trouble to camouflage the craft and then paint the vertical stabilizers such a standout black color.   Then it occurred to me:   the near sides of the vertical stabilizers were the sides away from the sun so they would be cast in shadow and therefore appear dark gray!

I drive over this freeway interchange ramp several times a year and, if the air is clear, I always like to look and watch the Los Angeles skyline in the distance from there.   This time was no different except I felt a compulsion not to look.   I actually had a little bit of a mental tug-a-war to do so.   Momentarily, I did overcome this uncanny avoidance reaction but only by actually forcing myself to look.   This is when I immediately saw the UFO.

This is speculation but I am thinking that aboard this craft is a device that uses a truly transcendent technology that directly impinges on the brain to cause anyone that looks directly at it to turn away just as like-poles of two magnets repel each other.   Could it be that even if one merely intends to look toward it that this effect compels them not to?

I read that homing pigeons have magnetite in their brains making them sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field allowing them to find their way home.   I also read that mammals including humans also have magnetite in their brains.   It may be possible that if a subtle averse magnetic signal were being transmitted in all directions from this craft most people might not even think twice about turning away.   Therefore few, if any, people would ever look at the thing.   And even if they did they most probably wouldn't recognize it.  Yet, although I felt it quite strongly, with conscious effort I was able to overcome it perhaps because I was motivated to do so.

I think this UFO was a top-secret 21st century lighter-than-air dirigible-like stealth aircraft developed by our military scientists and engineers.   Being lighter-than-air would account for the huge size of the craft since it would need to displace an extreme volume of air to create the necessary buoyancy to become airborne.   Also, the ideal stealth aircraft would have the capability to sneak right up on an enemy even in broad daylight.   So in the development of such an aircraft, taking it one step at a time, you would first achieve what you most easily could accomplish.   And that would be the ability to sneak right up on an enemy in broad daylight on a cloudy day.   Thus you might develop a system to cloak your craft in cloudlike camouflage.   And you certainly would like to dissuade anyone from even looking at the craft, if you could, by employing some sort of sensory aversion technology.

Why didn't I take a picture of it?   I'm still kicking myself in the pants for that.   All I had to do was take the first exit and go to the nearest drug store and buy a disposable camera.   I could have done this with a 15-minute turnaround.   But like I said, I was stunned.   I was mesmerized.   I was dazed and confused.   For real.   I wasn't thinking clearly.   I wasn't focused or decisive.   If I am right about this sensory aversion technology, it might have put the fear in me activating a posthypnotic-like suggestion:   "You better not."   Damn!   I could have sold that photograph for a million dollars!   Oh, how I wish I had gotten that picture.

I believe that your best strategy to see a UFO is by thinking backwards.   First, imagine what sort of technology might be employed by such an aircraft to avoid detection.   Then determine the environment where this technology would be most effective.   Be patient.  Wait for these conditions to occur.   And if you are lucky and strong you might get a photograph of the real UFO that I failed to get.


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